Aerial Drone Videography

Aerial Drone Videography is an Amazing Way to Enhance your Business…

With Our Drone We Specialize In Capturing Stunning 4K Videography For Local Businesses

Bespoke Footage

All our videography is customized to your business with combined interior video footage

Stunning Footage

Ultra smooth footage in 4K resolution and a gyro-stabilised 3-axis rotation to give cinematic footage

Strategic Planning

Your video commercial is planned out to perfection as we offer the full package from our own in house team

The Top Benefits of Drone Videography

  •  Your Business will  stand out from the crowd and get the attention you need and want with stunning videography
  • Helps you appear more professional combining videography with our other production services
  • Are so much more memorable compared to traditional types of advertising
  • Conveys a whole new perspective of what your business looks like
  • Video commercial work to suit every budget
  • Incredible 3D motion graphics incorporated in to your videography to get an amazing end result
  • Set  you up with a YouTube channel so you can host your video

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Our vision for you is to create amazing high quality customized videography combined with 3D Animations and Live Logos to elevate your business above all your competition. We will get to know what your desired outcome is so that we can work together to create a unique project that will bring you in more customers for your business.

With TLC Video Productions you will get 1/2 Day to Full Day Aerial Drone Videography,some cases over night stay to create more footage, Professional Photograher, 4K Images, Licensed Music, Professional Voice Spokespeople, amazing animated Live 3D Logos with intros and outros all fully edited to give you an amazing end product that you will love or we will do unlimited revisions until you absolutely 100% are blown away.

You can take a look at a quick guide to our UK pricing that range from just £197 up to £2,500 for a full production video commercial.

We are fully compliant and have £5 Million of public liabilities insurance for all Drone/RC Model Flying across the UK, in Europe and flying on MOD land.

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